When your kids enter a great college or land an elegant task, some individuals may request for tricks on how you raised them. However when your kids end up being CEOs of a few of the most prominent and ingenious business worldwide– they’ll ask you to compose a book about it.

That what took place to Ester Wojcicki– the mom of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and 23 andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki.

“Many individuals were asking me what I made with my children and what I made with my trainees,” Wojcicki informed Fortune in a current interview about her brand-new book– “How to Raise Effective Individuals: Basic Lessons for Radical Outcomes,” which is set to be launched on May 7. “I believed, Well, if everybody actually wishes to know how I did it, maybe it would be much easier if I simply composed a book.”

Wojcicki has a 3rd child– Janet– who’s a teacher at the University of California at San Francisco.

Besides raising such high-powered kids, Wojcicki likewise runs Palo Alto High School’s storied Media Arts Program, where she’s mentored trainees consisting of Steve Jobs’ child Lisa Brennan-Jobs and the star James Franco– who calls Wojcicki his “hero.”

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So what’s her trick?

Wojcicki informed Fortune that the majority of what she’s discovered for many years can be summarized by the acronym TECHNIQUE, which represents: trust, regard, self-reliance, partnership, and compassion.

She likewise stated that the exact same concepts of TECHNIQUE might be used to magnate too. In reality, Wojcicki stated Whole Foods CEO John Mackey and other leaders understood for “worker empowerment” have actually revealed interest in her approach.

“If you deal with staff members the exact same method, if you think in them and provide a chance to carry out, then they think in themselves,” Wojcicki informed Fortune. “It is actually insane, however when somebody thinks in you, you want to take more threats and going to be more imaginative.”