I have actually pinned kids down for undesirable treatments (snot suctioning, nail cutting) a lot of times I’m a pro. However when the medical professional informed me I required to provide my young toddler eyedrops, I believed that was the limitation of my skills as a moms and dad. Not so: there’s a simple method to do it.

Our pediatrician suggested this hack, which I’m likewise going to utilize on myself the next time I require eyedrops. It goes like this:

  1. Have the kid rest and close their eyes.
  2. Tilt their head to the side, so the eye you’re targeting is greater than the bridge of their nose.
  3. Put the eyedrop into the little divot where the bridge of their nose fulfills the corner of their (closed) eye.
  4. Have them open their eyes while they’re still resting. The eyedrop, bound as all of us are by gravity, has no place to go however into their eye.

The treatment was so fuss-free for us that quickly my child was asking for eyedrops, since she discovered this enjoyable in some way? I can’t describe that part. However a minimum of you will not need to pry a kid’s eye open.