20 th Century Fox revealed the next job, or possible tasks, in the Alien universe on Saturday by method of an unclear and alluring social-media post. This next Alien universe release, slated for a “2019” launch, consists of a “read, watch, play” pledge, recommending a mixed-media launch whose different parts might combine.

Its interactive elements will be settled, at the minimum, by the lead character currently called in the above teaser: Amanda Ripley. This character, the child of Sigourney Weaver’s character Ellen Ripley, included plainly in the 2014 computer game Alien Seclusion Because video game, the more youthful Ripley was entrusted with discovering secrets on a Weyland-Yutani craft called the Sevastopol

The stakes will be greater for the more youthful Ripley in this year’s release, as the tease consists of a guaranteed go back to the renowned Nostromo, the setting of the extremely first Alien movie in1979 Saturday’s tease recommends that Amanda Ripley will have the very first human interaction with anything Nostromo– related in 40 years. (Perhaps she will examine some fragments?)

The post’s absence of movie studio logo designs recommends this mixed-media launch might avoid a theatrical launch, however since press time, information are extremely little. Whatever comes of this job, it will mark the very first significant entry in the series considering that 2017’s functional movie Alien Covenant

Noting image by 20 th Century Fox