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The Pixel 4‘s 90 Hz screen is expected to be among the very best aspects of the phone. When scheduled to video gaming phones and VR applications, high refresh rates can cause a much smoother-feeling phone that makes it tough to return to the relatively choppy 60 Hz panel on almost every other phone.

That’s why it was so frustrating when, a couple of days into my evaluation procedure, I saw the Pixel 4 barely stayed with that frame rate. Lots of others have too; redditors over at r/GooglePixel saw out Google decreases the refresh rate back to 60 Hz whenever the screen brightness drops listed below 75 percent for some factor. Nevertheless, in some cases it will preserve the refresh rate if the ambient lighting is brilliant enough


The 90 Hz function is expected to be ‘wise,’ altering depending upon what you’re doing. You do not require a 90 Hz revitalize rate when enjoying a 30 fps YouTube video, for instance. However I anticipated the Pixel 4 to be more like the OnePlus 7T or some video gaming phones with high refresh rate panels. Although these gadgets can likewise change framerate depending upon the material, they appear to perform at 90 Hz almost all the time.

If, like me, you’re delicate to frame rate, this is likely even worse than if the screen simply stayed with 60 Hz. You adjust to your screen’s framerate, so it’s the consistent altering that gets frustrating.

Fortunately, Google has updates en route that are expected to enhance the refresh rate algorithm, as reported by The Edge Though it appears the refresh rate will still change instantly, Google informed The Edge the updates will allow 90 Hz “in more brightness conditions.”

However if you do not wish to be at the grace of Google’s choices, there’s another option. As found by MKBHD, there’s a brand-new alternative in the Pixel 4’s Designer Options menu that enables you to keep 90 Hz on all the time. If you do not understand how to access the covert menu, you can have a look at our brief guide here

When in the Designer alternatives, just scroll down to the ‘Debugging’ area and search for the alternative that checks out ‘force 90 Hz revitalize rate.’

And there you go! Now you have a silky-smooth refresh rate 100 percent of the time. I presume this will impact battery life– a little an issue, thinking about the Pixels have small batteries by 2019 requirements– however up until now I have not seen regrettable of a struck on my own evaluation system. Ideally, Google’s upgrade will strike a more classy balance of battery life and smoothness.

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Released October 23, 2019– 19: 47 UTC.