The torch might be the biggest artifact in the museum, however the website’s designer, Edwin Schlossberg, stated it isn’t always the emphasize.

When developing the museum, Schlossberg stated the National Parks Service provided him the obstacle of “not pitching a Republican or Democratic message.”

When it concerned authorizing the museum’s kiosks, which motivate visitors to submit an image of themselves and determine what liberty suggests to them, Schlossberg stated he “needed to go down and speak to everyone in Washington.”

“Lastly [DC politicians] understood that I wasn’t attempting to promote either message,” he stated.

As the museum was being built in 2017, President Trump proposed a travel restriction that would reject citizens of some Muslim-majority countries entry to the United States. Schlossberg stated the restriction impacted his concept of the museum.

“Regrettably, the Trump thing, the Republican-Democrat thing is so difficult in modern life,” he stated. To lower the museum to a single debate in between 2 political groups “is ridiculous,” he stated. However the designers still needed to produce a universal message.

Ultimately, they arrived on the concept that liberty is constantly objected to. “There must be as numerous meanings of what liberty is as there are individuals,” Schlossberg stated.