Each of the 8 various characters in “Pinnacle Legends” has its own characteristics, however there are a couple of commonness amongst all of them. For example, regardless of their various sizes, they all move at the exact same speed– both strolling and running. And they all have the exact same quantity of health.

Their distinctions are mainly based upon their abilities and, most notably for this ranking, their so-called “hit box” sizes.

What is a hit box? It’s the part of any provided character that is acknowledged by the video game. So, for example, if you’re being contended by an opponent, their bullets just sign up as striking your character if they strike within the hit box.

And in “Pinnacle Legends,” there’s a quite significant inconsistency in between the hit boxes of numerous characters. As such, the following characters are set up initially by their hit box size– the overall area where a character can be injured– and 2nd by their relative effectiveness based upon other qualities.