A lot of teens have actually most likely outgrown their Lego sets, however the desire to develop things is no less strong. One terrific choice: Present them the products to develop their own bike. Jenni Gwiazdowski’s book “How to Construct a Bike: A Basic Guide to Making Your Own Trip” will present kids (or grownups) to the concepts of bike mechanics, and with the assistance of gorgeous images teach them how to develop their own single-speed flight. Assist your teen select a steel frame from the 1980 s (Old Schwinns, Treks, Cannondales, Bridgestones, and Miyatas are bombproof and beautiful, simply check the sizing.), and after that let them assemble it with brand-new parts throughout a month or 2.

Gwiazdowski’s book is offered from Amazon for $17
Steel ’80 s frames and utilized bike parts can be sourced inexpensively from eBay. Get the tools and brand-new parts from your regional bike store.