Why you’ll like it: The MSI Spear X shows that you do not require to compromise area for power.

The Corsair One is currently little at just 12 liters, however the MSI Spear X is even smaller sized. With an internal volume of just 10 liters, the Spear X is among the tiniest video gaming PCs on the marketplace, producing an ideal console replacement or high-powered libraries. It’s more affordable than the One, too, at around $2,000

It has a long, slim chassis, equipped with RGB accent lighting. On the front, there are 3 light bars with private controls that you can change utilizing MSI’s software application. There’s likewise an RGB light strip internally that flaunts the graphics card, along with an RGB ring around the CPU fan. All of that lighting is flaunted, too. MSI has a vented side panel that somewhat exposes the graphics card, along with a tempered glass side panel for the CPU cooler.

Due to the fact that of that style, the thermals are rather excellent. The power supply, graphics card, and CPU all have actually vented grilles straight above them, permitting air to move throughout the system. The tempered glass side panel is somewhat raised, too, permitting air to easily move into the case and cool your parts.

The specifications aren’t as luxury as the Corsair One, however at around $1,500 less, the tradeoff deserves it. With an Intel Core i7-9700 K, Nvidia RTX 2070, and 16 GB of RAM, the Spear X can quickly deal with modern-day titles, consisting of any VR video gaming or 4K video gaming that you may wish to do.

Moreover, the majority of the parts are the very same parts you might purchase off the rack. The motherboard and graphics card are both retail variations of MSI boards, implying you can constantly update the Spear X down the line.

Pros: Compact, strong specifications, lovely case

Cons: Difficult to update

Purchase the MSI Spear X on Amazon for $1,979