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I have actually been to Disney World a couple of times with my extended household, consisting of with my kid and 3 nieces. Around the time they remained in the 4- to seven-year-old age variety, getting character autographs was a Huge Offer. We did what every other moms and dad of that age appeared to be doing: We purchased a Disney sign book and they methodically worked their method through the parks, sign books clutched in their hands.

Although that was enjoyable, when I recall now, I believe I might’ve gotten a little bit more imaginative with how we gathered autographs and images of the kids with their preferred characters.

Have them sign blank welcoming cards

If you wish to extend the Disney magic beyond your journey, one mother had the genius concept of bringing a stack of cards in addition to her for the characters to sign. She called into the One Bad Mom podcast recently to explain this next-level parenting relocation:

” We simply went to Disney World for a household journey and prior to we got (there), I purchased a stack of blank cards– some birthday cards however some simply blank cards. And I had the characters, as we were leaving, sign the bottom of the cards. So periodically throughout the year or whenever I keep in mind or for other kids’ birthday celebrations, we can simply compose in a note and have it be signed by Aurora or Mickey Mouse or among the Frozen characters. And after that my kids can have unique birthday cards all year long and I’m actually optimizing our Disney World journey.”

Bring a ‘yearbook’ for them to sign

One member of our Offspring Facebook Parenting Group recommended bringing a book with images of the characters, like this Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters, so the characters can sign their names on their private pages.

” I check out in other places online with this concept that numerous characters understand this book well and will even compose ridiculous things on their story’s competing characters’ pages,” group member Erica stated.

Have them sign something that isn’t a book

Autograph books and yearbooks are timeless options, however the characters aren’t restricted simply to signing books. Rather, you may bring one product for all the characters to sign that your kids can use, utilize or show later on, such as a Disney Tee shirts, a pillowcase or a poster.

Let them communicate with a preferred toy

Standing and presenting with Tigger or Buzz Lightyear or Chip and Dale is charming; getting images of the characters being ridiculous and engaging with your kid and their preferred packed animal or toy is even cuter.

Have your kid select a little toy to turn over to the character prior to you begin snapping images. You’ll wind up with a sweet, themed collection of images that includes something significant for your kid and showcases the characters’ characters.

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