The ID electric vehicles are the future for Volkswagen.
Enlarge / The ID electric vehicles are the future for Volkswagen.


On Wednesday, Volkswagen announced that its forthcoming electric vehicle now has an official range. The US Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed that the ID.4 crossover will travel 250 miles (402km) on a single charge.

At launch, the ID.4 will only be available in two configurations; the 1st Edition, and the ID.4 Pro. Both of these use a single motor-generator unit that drives the rear wheels and an 82kWh lithium-ion battery. However, we believe that only 77kWh is usable. The EPA also rated the ID.4 at a combined 104mpge in the city, 89mpge on the highway, and a combined 97mpge.

For comparison, the extended-range, rear wheel drive Ford Mustang Mach-E we wrote about on Monday, which has an EPA range of 300 miles (483km), comes packed with 98.9kWh. Tesla does not publish the kWh capacity of its battery packs—there’s belief that for model year 2021 this will be 82kWh total capacity, like the ID.4—but the EPA has rated the long-range Model Y crossover at 326 miles (524km).

ID.4 deliveries are expected to begin the week of December 17.