YouTuber Logan Paul appeared on Fox Company Monday afternoon, and his reactions left the web questioning just what was going on– discussing whether it was a stunt or if the vlogger requires media training.

The interview with Fox’s Liz Claman was planned to go over the defend appeal amongst different social networks platforms, consisting of Youtube, Facebook, and a brand-new emerging app, Tik Tok, which ranks as the 4th most downloaded app, Claman reported.

Paul, who has almost 20 million Youtube customers, was welcomed to the news section for understanding “a thing or 2 about leaping from platform to platform.”

Paul’s responses deviated to him calling himself the “quickest male on earth” and describing that he has pink eye.

Stunt or not, the web merely believed the interview was strange.

“I’m all over, child,” Paul stated throughout the interview in action to a concern about platforms. “I’m all over, and I’m no place. I resemble a ghost.”

Claman called Paul as a “questionable 24- year-old megastar,” mentioning a previous occurrence in which the YouTuber shot a dead body in Japan’s “suicide forest,” which gathered substantial reaction and triggered Paul to take a hiatus from social networks following an apology video published to YouTube, which was seen over 55 million times.

“Liz, I need to stop you right there. You utilized the word ‘questionable,'” Paul stated in action to Claman’s description of him. “So you understand, I am an ex-controversial YouTuber. That’s no longer me. We sort of finished.”

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Claman asked why Paul stays active on both his YouTube and Instagram account, which has around 16 million fans, and yet his Facebook page, which has almost the very same quantity in “likes,” stays non-active.

“Why you need to call me out live like that?” Paul asked with a laugh throughout the interview, however exposed that he chooses the previously mentioned platforms over the latter for financial factors, stating that YouTube does a much better task at generating income from content developers.

Paul likewise exposed that his costs exceeded his earnings for the “very first time ever,” stating that he’s “absolutely going downhill from here.”

“I believe it’s the start of completion,” Paul stated, including, “I likewise have pink eye. It’s not infectious.”

He rapidly cut off the Fox Company host to clarify, “No, it is, there’s a two-week incubation duration,” and asked forgiveness when Claman jokingly informed him not to touch anything on set.

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Paul went on to discuss the Opposition Games, a star track-and-field occasion airing on July 27, in which 100 popular people, consisting of Paul, will contend for $100,000

“If I’m being rather truthful with you, I’m the fastest YouTuber; I’m the fastest performer on earth,” Paul stated, mentioning his athletic capability and capacity to win the video games. “I might be the quickest male on earth. … I’m wagering 100,000 that I’m the fastest male on earth.”

Claman likewise noted his capability to do the divides, which Paul carries out in a few of his viral videos, to which Paul stated, “Why can I do the divides? That’s unusual. I’m unpleasant with myself.”

Paul pointed out towards completion of the interview that another battle with fellow web star KSI is anticipated at the end of the year, following the very first match in August2018


“KSI, I’m gon na beat you terribly,” Paul stated.

Logan Paul and his bro Jake Paul just recently topped a list of the greatest paid YouTube stars In between June 1, 2017, to June 1, 2018, Logan Paul made $145 million, according to Forbes. Jake made $215 million.