In “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, “you’re stomping on goombas and consuming power-up mushrooms and constantly, constantly looking for the next flagpole.

It’s a pixel-perfect, 2D-style, traditional Mario video game with a lots of polish.

It plays like the memory you have of “Super Mario Bros.” on the initial Nintendo Home entertainment System, albeit with far prettier visuals, more intricate level style, and much better controls.

Amazingly, after 30 years of “Super Mario” video games, “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe” still crams in lots of extremely remarkable, wonderful video game style. Much of the video game makes you feel creative, which is a testimony to the subtlty of the video game’s designers. It’s simply tough enough.

There are a couple of brand-new additions you may not be all set for if you have actually never ever played the “New Super Mario Bros.” series. Did you understand that Mario is now frequently efficient in wall leaps? Basically all the brand-new gymnastics Mario gained from his 3D jaunt in “Super Mario 64” is now constructed into the 2D series too, from ground pounds to wall dives.