Like countless other individuals, I keep my mobile phone with me at basically perpetuity, however I have actually never ever seemed like I was “using” it like I would clothes or precious jewelry. I have actually constantly treated my phone more like a tool than a device, though there’s no lack of vibrant phone styles and distinct cases that reveal simply just how much effort individuals can take into their phone’s visual.

However as The Wall Street Journal reports, the world of style is beginning to reconsider the method we bring our phones, developing extravagant leather bring cases and designer pouches to choose the current in high-end appearances. Journal press reporter Jacob Gallagher discovered wearable phone cases from designers like Prada, Dior Guys, and Palms Angels on the runway in the previous year.

The majority of these designer cases and bags are used as lockets, with a lanyard sitting tight near to the user’s chest. Some have a transparent window to make inspecting your phone simple, however the most involved styles are enclosed in leather and other fragile products that keep your phone entirely covered.

With the size of mobile phones progressively increasing, there’s definitely no embarassment in desiring a simple, stylish method to bring your phone.

However the designer wearable case motion appears more thinking about high-end than energy. Have a look: