Google was thrust back into the #MeToo spotlight on Wednesday, when a previous Google staff member Jennifer Blakely published an essay on Medium declaring that she had an affair with David Drummond, Google’s primary legal counsel.

Though Blakely did not implicate Drummond of sexual misbehavior in her essay, she lays out a troubling power dynamic and explains suffering psychological abuse.

After their kid was born in 2007, Blakely was bumped from Google’s legal department (where both she and Drummond worked) to the sales department, a field in which she had no experience and subsequently had a hard time. Eventually, she describes, “I give up Google, signing whatever files they needed due to the fact that also, I wished to safeguard him,” suggesting Drummond.

According to Blakely, Drummond left her in 2008 and started an affair with another Google staff member. She then suffered years of psychological abuse, stating Drummond declined to see their kid and did not supply kid assistance till he was 4 years of ages.

“Recalling, I see how requirements that I wanted to indulge early on ended up being institutionalized habits as Google’s world prominence grew and its executives grew more effective,” Blakely composed.

“For me, the abuse of power didn’t stop with being pressed out,” Blakely’s essay continues. “Later on I was pressed down, lest I obstructed of the habits that had actually ended up being a lot more overbearing and entitled.”

Drummond stated in an individual declaration that he was “far from best,” however he pressed back versus a few of Blakely’s claims, stating that there are “2 sides” to the story.

Drummond was the 2nd greatest paid executive at Google moms and dad business Alphabet in2018 Public filings reveal he got $47 million in settlement, with an income of $650,000 and $466 million as equity.

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An October 2018 New york city Times examination reported that 3 Google executives– Andy Rubin, Amit Singhal and Richard DeVaul— were implicated of sexual misbehavior. The Times reported that Rubin and Singhal were provided multi-million dollar exit plans when they left Google in 2014 and 2016, respectively. The Times likewise reported that the female who implicated DeVaul of misbehavior stated a Google personnels main informed her to remain peaceful (Google challenged that declare).

One week after the Times released its report, approximately 20,000 Google staff members took part in an international walkout opposing the business’s handling of circumstances of sexual misbehavior.

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