In the innovative world of Silicon Valley, not just do designers need to discover the most popular shows languages, they likewise need to stay up to date with brand-new ones.

GitHub, which hosts open-source software application tasks to which users can search and contribute, has actually been tracking shows patterns on their website each year. In their yearly Octoverse report, GitHub exposes what the fastest growing languages are, along with the most popular languages in general.

The business is seeing patterns towards languages concentrated on thread security and interoperability– in terms, languages that can securely perform several series at the same time, which can communicating with another language in the very same system.

Microsoft will acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion, which has actually been viewed as a clever relocation for the tech titan. GitHub itself is likewise quickly growing. This previous year, 8 million brand-new users signed up with GitHub– more users than GitHub’s very first 6 years integrated. And on Tuesday at the GitHub Universe conference, the business revealed the launch of GitHub Actions, which now enable users to develop and perform code on the website.

Here are the fastest-growing shows languages around, according to GitHub: