The Apple TELEVISION is an exceptional streaming gadget. Its push-button control, nevertheless, is a discomfort in the butt.

The push-button control itself is small and slick, making it very simple to lose– in a sofa cushion, for instance.

The remote’s touchpad is likewise excessively delicate, which suggests it’ll switch on your Apple TELEVISION if you simply graze it inadvertently (or, you understand, your sofa cushion touches it).

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And due to the near-symmetrical style of the button design, you can’t get the push-button control and right away understand its orientation. I have actually had numerous celebrations where I attempt stopping briefly a program or film just to go back to the primary menu, since there’s no chance to understand if the remote is upside down unless you look straight at it. It’s bothersome.

The Good News Is, there’s a service that repairs each and every single issue with the Apple TELEVISION remote, and it just costs $8. Have a look.