Though the phone is plainly motivated by in 2015’s iPhone X, Oppo appears to have actually refined Apple’s style by providing a mobile phone that truly does appear like a smooth piece of glass, and by eliminating the components that eliminate from the user experience– particularly, the notch on top and the thicker bezels around the display screen.

Oppo’s Discover X has a bigger display screen that isn’t disrupted by the cam notch, due to the fact that the business determined an ingenious method to conceal the cam up until you in fact require it. The front display screen is beautiful, and Oppo took out the drop in buying its screens from Samsung to guarantee quality.

However Oppo is worthy of some credit for the back of the phone too, as the distinct color tones of the Discover X definitely set it apart. More smart device makers ought to try out colors and gradients like Oppo has here– they ‘d definitely turn heads.

In general, Oppo appears to have actually constructed an excellent-looking phone. How it carries out is another story completely, as we have yet to get our hands on this gadget– however from a style point of view, the all-screen Discover X is quite near to the perfect phone.