When you go to the site ” This Individual Does Not Exist” you will likely see a face smiling back at you. Appears innocent enough– till you recognize the face is not really genuine, however created by a neural network algorithm.

That individual is not genuine. They do not exist.

The site’s neural network algorithm codes a “facial image from scratch from a 512 dimensional vector”, according to Phillip Wang, who developed and published about it in a Facebook group on Feb. 12 Wang recommended he developed the website to “raise awareness for what a gifted group of scientists made at Nvidia throughout 2 years,” according to a post in Hacker News

The innovation is based upon a cutting-edge Nvidia-designed AI referred to as StyleGAN– a neural network that can separate elements of an image to discover and produce brand-new images. It was detailed by a group of Nvidia engineers in a pre-print paper last upgraded on Feb. 6 at arXiv The neural network is flexible enough that it is not simply deals with that it can create, however bed rooms, vehicles and even felines.

I went through a number of refreshes and created an entire series of faces that looked convincingly genuine. A child even turned up and I type of blurt an odd “aww”. Then I understood I was cooing over a computer-generated no one. Super odd.

There are likewise celebrations where odd artifacts appear on faces. I saw teeth in between eyes, open mouths and odd swirls of red appearing on cheeks and eyebrows.


None of these individuals exist. Their faces were created by an algorithm. In some faces, you can see artifacts of the generation procedure (such as the very first image).


Incredibly, others have actually taken the StyleGAN architecture and keep up it, developing phony anime characters, old art work or utilizing it to make the President of the United States smile

The software application is readily available on GitHub, however bear in mind: It needs enormous processing power that just top-end graphics processing systems (GPUs) or cloud services can handle.

It’s likewise type of scary.

You can see how it operates in the video listed below: