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associate Somebody who deals with another; a colleague or employee.

dinosaur A term that implies horrible lizard. These ancient reptiles lived from about 250 million years ago to approximately 65 million years back. All come down from egg-laying reptiles referred to as archosaurs.

ecology A branch of biology that handles the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical environments. A researcher who operates in this field is called an ecologist.

engineering The field of research study that utilizes mathematics and science to fix useful issues.

development( v. to progress) A procedure by which types go through modifications in time, typically through hereditary variation and natural choice. These modifications typically lead to a brand-new kind of organism much better matched for its environment than the earlier type. The more recent type is not always more “sophisticated,” simply much better adjusted to the specific conditions in which it established.

household A taxonomic group including a minimum of one genus of organisms.

fossil Any maintained remains or traces of ancient life. There are various kinds of fossils: The bones and other body parts of dinosaurs are called “body fossils.” Things like footprints are called “trace fossils.” Even specimens of dinosaur poop are fossils. The procedure of forming fossils is called fossilization.

kin Household or loved ones (often even far-off ones).

lizard A kind of reptile that usually strolls on 4 legs, has a flaky body and a long tapering tail. Unlike many reptiles, lizards likewise usually have movable eyelids. Examples of lizards consist of the tuatara, chameleons, Komodo dragon, and Gila beast.

paleontologist A researcher who focuses on studying fossils, the remains of ancient organisms.

victim( n.) Animal types consumed by others. (v.) To assault and consume another types.

skull The skeleton of an individual’s or animal’s head.

types A group of comparable organisms efficient in producing offspring that can endure and recreate.

quality A particular function of something. (in genes) A quality or quality that can be acquired.

tyrannosaur A line of meat-eating dinosaurs that started throughout the late Jurassic Duration, about 150 million years back. These types continued into the late Cretaceous Duration, about 65 million years back. The very best recognized member of these types: the late Cretaceous’ Tyrannosaurus rex, a 12- meter (40 foot) long leading predator of its time.

Tyrannosaurus rex A top-predator dinosaur that wandered Earth throughout the late Cretaceous duration. Grownups might be 12 meters (40 feet) long.

Velociraptor A genus of predatory bird-like dinosaurs with a fairly big brain and a long, sharp claw on each foot. Its fossils were very first found in the 1920 s in what is now Mongolia. The approximately meter-tall animal proceeded 2 feet and slashed at victim with among its sharp talons. It would not have actually been as complicated as its name depicted in the Jurassic Park motion picture franchise. Lots of researchers think that motion picture variation was in fact Deinonychus, a dinosaur two times its size and understood from fossils uncovered in the United States throughout the 1960 s.