You understand what’s uninteresting and lame and passé and boomer and silly? Viewing your tv with typical speakers. Simply the idea of it is making me wish to toss all over the nearby soundbar.

And, pals, Sony understands this. Sony is here for you. Shh, let Sony hold you. Sony’s getting better now.

” Oh,” Sony states, “you feel that?”

Sony is covering itself around your neck, you’re fretted for a minute, however then Sony begins to buzz and vibrate happily on your shoulders.

You look down and– shock, scary, delight, surprise– it’s not Sony at all! No, it’s the business’s SRS-WS1 Immersive Wearable Speaker.

And it’s concerning the United States.

sony neck speaker
” Let me rub thy neck, kid.”

While Sony’s neck speaker may bear some similarity to the Bose SoundWear, it has a various function and performance. Instead of being an overall speaker you use, it’s been produced to boost your TV-watching experience.

It works like this. You connect a transmitter to your TELEVISION’s audio output and after that you slip the sultry noise collar over your shoulders. The audio is then piped in through the neck speaker, together with some vibrations.

It resembles a homewear variation of the N64’s rumble pak. However with, uh, noise.

The abovementioned N64 rumble pak.

The transmitter can send out audio to 2 neck speakers, implying a set of you can participate the shoulder noise action. While Sony’s neck speaker can link to your mobile phone through a cable television, it’s actually created for in the house usage. This makes good sense, as I still have no concept who the Bose SoundWear is in fact targeted at.

Battery-wise, Sony states its neck speaker will work for around 7 hours, which ought to get you through a couple of films quickly. And when it goes out? Crediting complete will take about 3 hours.

Will Sony’s neck speaker end up being the future of house entertainment? Most likely not– specifically when it’s costing in between $250 and $300

Likewise, I’m not exactly sure plopping a little bit of moulded plastic on my shoulders when I wish to see a film is actually an experience I want.

Regardless of stating this, I’m going to be a huge old hypocrite. Although the Sony neck speaker sounds dumb, I actually, actually wish to attempt it out.

Plus, speakers are boring.

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Released November 19, 2019– 16: 32 UTC.