Video Game of Thrones was a legendary trip. For 8 seasons, HBO dealt with audiences to a few of the very best performing and storytelling on tv. All of it concluded, with a bang, on Sunday.

While all of us concur that it was a wonderful journey to get us to season 8 in the very first location, it’s here where 2 camps start to form: some who think the ending was a strong conclusion, and others who, well, do not. The latter camp has actually even presumed regarding gather almost 1.5 million signatures in hopes that HBO will reshoot the last season. (Do not hold your breath.)

One fan however, increased above the bickering, producing an ending that he felt we should have– total with the signature stylings of 1980 s filmmaker John Hughes. Dan Olson, the madman behind Folding Concepts, a YouTube channel with almost 300,00 0 customers, took matters into his own hands.

With a little aid from all of the 1980 s, Olson chose to end with a fitting homage to each of the primary characters, accompanied by Tears for Worries’ 1985 struck “Everyone Wishes to Guideline the World.”

Olson’s variation begins with Jon Snow riding off with the wildlings, prior to taking one appearance back at Castle Black, and the wall as soon as inhabited by The Night’s Watch. Hint music. Olson then continues to set out the future for each primary character, including subtitles that notified us that Arya ultimately found what was west of Westeros (Westereros), which Ghost, Jon Snow’s seemingly-neglected alarming wolf, lived a long life with regular pats on the head.

You’ll need to see the video yourself to discover what took place to other fan favorites like Sansa and Tyrion.

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