Image: Michelle Woo

Oh, the youth routine of entrance height recording. You ‘d stand as straight as humanly possible as Mama or Daddy would draw the line at the top of your head and compose the day’s date. Then you ‘d go back and see the outcomes. Hey, look! You grew three-quarters of an inch! Your moms and dads would smile and offer you a high-five– and after that privately sob a little as you ‘d run to play.

It’s a sweet custom, one that I want to stay up to date with now that I have kids. The issue is that you can’t make use of walls if you’re leasing– and even if you own, you need to leave the chart behind if you move. However witness, I have actually found a service on Instagram, and it’s quite fantastic: You track your kid’s development on a measuring tape.

Simply cover the tape with white spray paint or acrylic paint and it ends up being a blank canvas, prepared for you to record your kid’s lots of turning points. Utilizing a thin long-term marker, you can include birthday height markers and anything else you can consider– amusing quotes from that year, unique accomplishments or preferred pastimes. Call it a “memory stick,” if you ‘d like. If you have numerous kids, you can make a stick for each of them. I have actually begun one for my seven-month-old infant Max.

Years later on, when your kids finish high school, you can provide their measuring tape– a distinct record of their youth. It’s little, portable and can quickly go anywhere life might take them.