Increasing seas and sinking land spell problem for San Francisco.

Almost a years back, scientists approximated that, by the year 2100, increasing water level would lead to $100 billion worth of home losses and 480,000 displaced individuals along the California coast.

These impacts might be intensified in San Francisco, where the land has actually started to sink due to extreme groundwater pumping

A March 2018 research study from the American Association for the Development of Science forecasts that 48 to 166 square miles of the Bay Location might be undersea by2100


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To discover which websites might be immersed, Service Expert relied on Environment Central’s Google Earth plug-in, which portrays San Francisco under the most severe conditions of sea-level increase. The tool approximates what the city would appear like if the conditions were to take place today, utilizing forecasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Firm (NOAA).

Though water level increase is speeding up due to environment modification, NOAA’s forecasts for 2100 represent the worst-case-scenario for San Francisco.

Have a look at the before-and-after pictures of landmark areas like Angler’s Wharf, Google’s workplace, and the San Francisco International Airport.