A NASA illustration of an asteroid pass.


An asteroid approximately the size of a pickup came within 10,000 miles of our heads Friday early morning and after that continued its method without event.

Just 3 observed asteroids have actually come closer to our world, according to NASA records that date all the method back to 1900

Asteroid 2018 UA was just 9,544 miles (15,360 kilometers) above the surface area of the world at its closest method, which is much closer than the range to the moon and even two times as close as the majority of big manufactured satellites in orbit. Earth’s gravity handled to warp the area rock’s orbit around the sun while doing so.

Of the 4 closest asteroid flybys on record, 2018 UA is the second-largest at around 5 meters (16 feet).

Naturally, those records do not represent asteroids that really affect our environment and end up being meteors, like the bolide that blew up over Russia in 2013, or the little asteroid that might have made it all the method to the ground in Africa in June.