trump space command

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

United States President Donald Trump has actually officially developed the United States Area Command as part of the armed force. SpaceCom will be the 11 th contender command, Trump stated Thursday, with area now being dealt with as an independent area to be managed. Area is main to “America’s nationwide security and defense,” the president stated.

United States Area Command was initially revealed in December in 2015, with Vice President Mike Pence at the time stating it would “supervise all our military activities in area.”

On Thursday, Trump stated SpaceCom will “boldly prevent hostility,” and will be followed soon by the facility of Area Force as the 6th branch as the United States militaries.

” It’s a huge offer,” Trump stated Thursday. “SpaceCom will safeguard America’s essential interests in area, the next war-fighting domain.”

Calling area the “supreme high ground,” Trump mentioned preventing tech that can target American satellites, in addition to finding and stopping rocket launches.

SpaceCom will be led by General John W. Raymond.