President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election project is thirsty for some contributions.

A lot so that it’s offering some laser-engraved, Trump-branded straws on it’s project site In a quick description, the project appears to take a jab at environmentally-conscious individuals.

“Liberal paper straws do not work,” the product description stated. “STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP and purchase your pack of recyclable straws today.”

The 9-inch straws are offered in a pack of 10 for $15 The project declares they are BPA complimentary, “recyclable & recyclable,” and are made in the United States.

The site does not particularly note what the straws are made from, nevertheless, if Trump’s child had any function in the straws’ advancement, opportunities are they are not made from paper.

“Paper Straws Suck #Trump2020,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted in June.

According to a World Economic Online Forum report, plastics in the ocean will exceed fish by 2050, and around 500 million plastic straws are discarded by Americans, WIRED reported in2016 One marine ecological group approximated in 2017 that straws and stirrers were the seventh-most gathered garbage on beaches.

Straws are frequently incapable of being recycled, since of their little size they frequently slip straight off the conveyor belts of recycling plants, according to WIRED.

Following the cautions from various ecologist groups, business that frequently utilize single-use straws and stir sticks– consisting of Starbucks, Disney, and various airline companies– promised to change them with environmentally friendly straws or recyclable covers.