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/ Sam (Fran Kranz) calls his friend Chuck (Alyson Hannigan) for guidance when camp therapists begin getting completely killed.


The very first function movie ever to be motivated by a Twitter thread makes its TELEVISION launching this weekend. You Might Be the Killer was among the highlights of the current Wonderful Movie Fest in Austin, Texas, with excellent factor: it’s excellent campy enjoyable in the spirit of Scream and Cabin in the Woods Little marvel Syfy snapped it up. You Might Be the Killer airs this Saturday, October 6, on Syfy at 7pm ET.

The Twitter thread in concern dates to last July when dream authors Chuck Wendig ( Star Wars: Consequences) and Sam Sykes (Aeons’ Gate) riffed off one another. Sykes pretended to be a summertime camp therapist in the middle of a massacre, questioning if, you understand, he might be the killer, while Wendig provided practical guidance (” Are you using a frightening mask?”). When the trailer dropped last month, we were immediately interested however questioned if the wonderfully bonkers Twitter thread might ever equate into a practical function movie.

The response to that is a definite “yes.” The general narrative arc will recognize to fans of the initial Twitter exchange, however there suffice unexpected weaves to keep the audience captivated best to the end.

( Moderate spoilers listed below)

The movie opens, as you may anticipate, with Chuck (Alyson Hannigan, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, How I Met Your Mom) getting a stressed call from her buddy Sam (Fran Kranz, Cabin in the Woods) throughout her shift at the Rings of Saturn comic store. Sam is covered in blood and notifies her that “everybody’s dead” at his household’s summer season campground which there’s a serial killer on the loose. “Often that takes place,” Chuck deadpans. “Specifically the therapists.”

Alyson Hannigan plays Chuck, a comic-store clerk who gets a disturbing phone call from her friend Sam.
/ Alyson Hannigan plays Chuck, a comic-store clerk who gets a troubling telephone call from her buddy Sam.

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The remainder of the story slowly unfolds in a series of flashbacks as Sam and Chuck reverse, with the unique story gadget of having those flashbacks appear out of sequential series. So the audience is piecing together the story together with Chuck and Sam while the body count increases or down as brand-new details is available in. Popular camp therapist Steve “the Kayak King” may be the very first mutilated body revealed, however he may not have actually been the very first to pass away. Or was he?

It’s an undoubtedly thin facility, however the movie fills out the spaces by offering the campground a scary backstory. Sam’s household purchased the camp at a terrific rate, since it was reported to be cursed. He informs his therapists the story their opening night around the campfire: without offering excessive away, it includes a relatively mild-mannered male going on a killing spree prior to being eliminated in turn. His tomb lies someplace on the home. When the therapists choose it may be enjoyable to go off looking for the tomb– well, that’s when the blood begins spurting.

To state far more would be to ruin the enjoyable. Suffice it to state, all your preferred slasher movie tropes are on screen, and Kranz’s efficiency alone makes the movie beneficial.

You Might Be the Killer trailer.