President Donald Trump stimulated a Twitter outcry on Friday with a confusingly-phrased tweet that at first offered the impression he thought the moon belonged to Mars.

“For all of the cash we are investing, NASA needs to NOT be discussing going to the Moon – We did that 50 years earlier. They must be concentrated on the much larger things we are doing, consisting of Mars (of which the Moon belongs), Defense and Science!” he composed.

Trump’s tweet was more than likely reacting to a section on Fox Organisation– among Trump’s a lot of frequently-watched news channels– in which NASA’s primary monetary officer Jeff DeWitt gone over NASA’s efforts on the moon and their prepared moon exploration in 2024 with host Neil Cavuto.

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“What we’re doing now is developing a sustainable existence on the lunar surface area,” DeWitt described when Cavuto asked why NASA was going back to the moon. “We require to drive that development and finish those innovations to enable us to have a continual existence on Mars.”

Quickly after Trump’s tweet, both “the moon” and “NASA” ended up being leading trending subjects on the website.

Regardless of Trump’s tweet more than likely describing the moon’s necessary function in making it possible for NASA astronauts to effectively check out Mars, his awkward phrasing still triggered generous jokes and memes from the Twitterverse.

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