Incredible Photos Capture Last Glimpse of Long-Tusked 'Elephant Queen'

The impressive sweep of this old woman elephant’s tusks remembers an extinct relative– the wooly massive.

Credit: Burrad-Lucas Photography

An elephant matriarch in Kenya that just recently passed away of old age was an excellent sight to the very end, thanks to a set of tusks that were so uncommonly long that they looked like those of a woolly massive.

The elephant, referred to as F_MU1, resided in Kenya’s Tsavo area for more than 60 years, according to wildlife professional photographer Will Burrard-Lucas, who recorded sensational pictures of the magnificent pachyderm in the weeks prior to her death.

F_MU1 was a “huge tusker,” an African elephant with tusks enough time to brush the ground, Burrard-Lucas just recently composed in an article He checked out Tsavo in August 2017 with the Kenyan not-for-profit Tsavo Trust, to record the group’s wildlife-conservation work. And it existed that Burrard-Lucas initially glimpsed the magnificent elephant, whom he called “Queen of the Elephants” in his post. [Elephant Images: The Biggest Beasts on Land]

The group overtook F_MU1 and other elephants in a cleaning, and Burrard-Lucas photographed her utilizing a remote-controlled, robot-mounted cam called BeetleCam. He selected the BeetleCam since it takes a trip close to the ground, so its low-slung viewpoint would display the impressive length of the elephant’s tusks, Burrard-Lucas composed.

Over numerous days, Burrard-Lucas photographed F_MU1 near watering holes and acacia trees (where she fed), with the monster in some cases passing just inches far from the rolling cam. Though she was old and extremely slim, she showed to be “a remarkable topic,” Burrard-Lucas stated.

” If I had not considered her with my own eyes, I may not have actually thought that such an elephant might exist in our world,” he composed.

F_MU1's tusks were so long that they brushed the ground in front of her.

F_MU1’s tusks were so long that they brushed the ground in front of her.

Credit: Burrad-Lucas Photography

F_MU1 passed away of natural causes, however huge tuskers generally aren’t so fortunate, as their huge tusks make them targets for ivory poachers In 2017, poachers eliminated and mutilated a huge tusker called Satao II who was almost 50 years of ages; among the animal’s tusks weighed 114 pounds. (515 kgs) and the other weighed 111 pounds. (505 kg), The Guardian reported that year.

To date, just about 25 huge tuskers stay in the wild, according to The Guardian.

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