A United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket in space at complex

The United Introduce Alliance’s Delta IV Medium rocket brought the 2nd GPS III satellite to orbit for the United States Flying Force.

SOPA Images/ Getty Images.

The United Introduce Alliance’s Delta IV Medium rocket removed for its 29 th and last flight from Cape Canaveral Flying Force Station on Thursday. The rocket brought the United States Flying force’s 2nd GPS III satellite, constructed by Lockheed Martin.

” Another amazing launch for United Introduce Alliance today!” the Kennedy Area Center Visitor Intricate tweeted Thursday. “Marking the 29 th and last flight of the #DeltaIV Medium rocket, how did you #LookUp for the #GPSIIISV02 objective?”

Around 2 hours after launch, Flying force and Lockheed Martin engineers stated they had complete control of GPS III Area Lorry 02(GPS III SV02) right after its separation from the United Introduce Alliance Delta IV rocket booster, Lockheed Martin stated in a release. The satellite is reacting to commands and is utilizing its own internal propulsion system to climb up towards its orbit around 12,550 miles above the earth.

” In the days ahead, we’ll end up orbit raising to our functional slot and after that send out the satellite commands informing it to release its solar ranges and antennas,” Johnathon Caldwell, Lockheed Martin Area’s vice president for navigation systems, stated in the release. “When we are established, we’ll start on-orbit checkout and tests, consisting of substantial signals evaluating with our sophisticated navigation payload.”

GPS III SV02 is created to assist the Flying force improve today’s network of GPS satellites with brand-new abilities and tech. GPS III satellites use 3 times higher precision, according to the release.