NPR’s Ailsa Chang talks to Ray Story of The United Tobacco Vapor Group about the Fda’s strategy to establish standards to eliminate all electronic cigarette tastes other than tobacco from the marketplace.


The Trump administration prepares to prohibit almost all flavored vaping items – believe blueberry, vanilla, cherry e-cigarettes. About a quarter of high schoolers state they utilize these items; items which contain nicotine, which is addicting. What’s more, federal health authorities are attempting to find out why numerous individuals who have actually vaped just recently have actually reported a mystical lung health problem. So electronic cigarette makers are under pressure.

Let’s speak with among them today. Ray Story is creator and owner of the United Tobacco Vapor Group.


RAY STORY: Thank you for having me.

CHANG: Why does your business make tastes like blueberry, like vanilla, like cherry?

STORY: Well, to be rather sincere with you, at the end of the day, when you’re taking a look at an item that is an adult item – which’s how we see it – the grownup has the capability to pick.

CHANG: However why blueberry, vanilla and cherry – why those tastes?

STORY: In fact, you understand, we have numerous people that like the blueberry. For me, it gets old fast. So for that reason, I have, like, more coffee tastes. However the point is cherry and strawberry are in fact relatively popular tastes among grownups.

And when we’re speaking about tastes, we’re not speaking about those sort of tastes. We’re speaking about the fairy floss kind of tastes. We guide far from any tastes that specifically pursue a specific target audience audience. And those tastes we undoubtedly will never ever bring, never ever made and will never ever take part in our lineup.

CHANG: I wish to ask you how essential you believe tastes are. The other day, the Trump administration revealed that it would prohibit countless tastes utilized in e-cigarettes. Just how much of a distinction do you believe that would make in preventing kids from vaping?

STORY: They’re tackling it in reverse. At the end of the day, put in age confirmation since otherwise, every teen would be consuming beer and going to the alcohol shop 4, 5 times a day. Put in age confirmation. Make certain – and keep those business – and hold them responsible. However if you put in age confirmation as an adult item, that is all you require to do.

CHANG: So just how much service do you stand to lose when this restriction on countless tastes enters into impact?

STORY: That stays to be seen. I do not understand. And I do not believe it will enter into impact. I believe, at the end of the day, cooler heads will dominate since what’s going to occur is you need to have the understanding and the understanding and have all the info readily available to you prior to making such an extreme declaration and doing something that will eventually drive the majority of people back to cigarettes.

We have actually, you understand, ruined the real tobacco classification as we understand it since we provided a significantly less damaging option. Which is what we are extremely happy with, which is precisely what we’re attempting to continue.

CHANG: It might be less damaging. However eventually – let’s be sincere – you are offering an addicting item. There’s nicotine in it. Kids are getting connected. Much of them do not understand that they are getting connected. And this is an issue since there have actually been research studies recommending that vaping might impact brain advancement in youths, in teens.

So let me ask you, what should be done about this? You pointed out that we need to more carefully veterinarian the age of individuals purchasing these items, however these kids aren’t always straight purchasing these items in shops. They’re still getting their hands on these items. So what else should be done?

STORY: I comprehend that. And we’re undoubtedly doing whatever we can as a market, however we’re not an enforcement body. The federal government, at one moment – I took legal action against the federal government in ’08, won in2010 It is now 2019, and we still do not have thorough, you understand, age confirmation in location throughout the nation.

CHANG: So you believe this is a federal government issue. It’s not something – it’s not an issue for services to fix. Is that your view?

STORY: Well, business can just do so much. And when you have accountable gamers – one business targeting minors – undoubtedly, it’s been all over the news, as we understand – is not an accountable partner since at the end of the day, all they were trying to find was making some loan. However at the end of the day, there’s lots of accountable gamers that have consumers – all of age – and they focus just on offering to the adult cigarette smoker and offer them an excellent item.

CHANG: Ray Story is creator and owner of the United Tobacco Vapor Group. He talked with us through Skype from Alpharetta, Ga.

Thanks quite.

STORY: Thank you a lot for having me.

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