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A number of the very best parenting hacks come from Lifehacker’s Offspring Facebook parenting group, generally with a member asking, “Would it be unusual if …?” That’s how we pertained to suggest you purchase your young child a pet bed and utilize your kid’s art work as welcoming cards It is now where we’re praising another moms and dad’s genius concept: Repurpose your infant tub as an outside swimming pool.

Infant bath tubs make the best outside infant or young child swimming pools. They’re compact, light-weight and simple to carry backward and forward from inside to outdoors. And they’re much easier to drain pipes than the bigger plastic or inflatable swimming pools marketed for kids, particularly if you’re utilizing it on a non-grassy surface area like a deck or deck (simply select it up and dispose the water where you ‘d like).

Hose pipe or clean down, and voilà! It’s a bath tub once again.

Our group members concurred, with a number of, like Mia, chiming in to state, “No point in purchasing an entire brand-new thing if you have a completely functional thing currently.”

Possibly you’ve currently got the swimming pool however not the tub? That’s cool, we’re on board with inverse of this hack, too:

So is it unusual to utilize a child tub as a swimming pool? Offspring group member Terrence states, “Male, it ‘d be unusual if you didn’t.”

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