There’s been speculation about whether President Trump will pursue his promise to enforce sweeping policies on e-cigarettes. On Friday, he consulted with supporters for and versus limitations.


There’s been a great deal of speculation about whether President Trump will follow through on his promise to enforce sweeping policies on e-cigarettes. The other day, he consulted with supporters for and versus limitations. And as NPR’s Merrit Kennedy reports, the danger of policy has actually ended up being a political problem for some individuals who vape.

MERRIT KENNEDY, BYLINE: At the White Home conference Friday, vaping supporters and challengers appeared to settle on something – the requirement for an age limitation.


UNIDENTIFIED INDIVIDUAL # 1: Age limitation of 21.

UNIDENTIFIED INDIVIDUAL # 2: Definitely. Yes, sir.

UNIDENTIFIED INDIVIDUAL # 1: Twenty one – age limitation 21.

KENNEDY: And the most dissentious problem is what to do about tastes. In September, Trump stated he was preparing to prohibit most flavored e-cigarettes. And supporters for the relocation state it would make them less attractive to kids. Here’s Sally Goza, the president-elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

SALLY GOZA: We are fretted that if we lead one taste on the marketplace, even menthol, that the kids will go to that.

KENNEDY: Trump didn’t devote to prohibiting tastes at Friday’s conference, and there are reports that he’s strolling back that concept. However the danger of more stringent policy has actually triggered the vaping neighborhood to get arranged. At a current demonstration outside the White Home, fragrant vapor wafted through the air. A lot of the protesters are advocates of the president, a few of them using red hats that state, make America vape once again.


UNIDENTIFIED INDIVIDUAL # 3: You understand what you are? You’re a political motion.

KENNEDY: Their rallying cry – we vape. We vote.


UNIDENTIFIED PROTESTERS: (Shouting) We vape. We vote. We vape.

KENNEDY: Critics of the market state that business offering dessert and fruity tastes are attempting to get kids hooked on vaping. However numerous previous adult cigarette smokers likewise utilize the non-tobacco tastes, stating that’s what assisted them give up cigarettes.

RY DUNCAN: Without that pleasure, I would not have actually had the ability to put down my 13- year routine.

KENNEDY: Ry Duncan (ph) from Cleveland is bring an indication that states tastes conserve lives. He states he vapes generally vanilla dessert tastes, and he fears what will take place to him if those are prohibited.

DUNCAN: I’m afraid I may wind up cigarette smoking once again.

KENNEDY: The wave of current lung injury cases, consisting of a minimum of 47 deaths, are mainly connected to items consisting of THC and not nicotine. Gregory Conley from the American Vaping Association states his neighborhood is worried that the break out might lead the federal government to candidly enforce limitations on the whole market and not simply the most likely offenders without thinking about the unfavorable adverse effects.

GREGORY CONLEY: This nation remains in the middle of an ethical panic on vaping, and when you remain in the middle of an ethical panic, excellent public health policy hardly ever drains of that.

KENNEDY: Medical professionals state that while the long-lasting impacts of vaping are not understood, in the short-term, the gadgets are nearly undoubtedly less hazardous than cigarettes. Conley states vapers feel misinterpreted, and numerous are most likely going to vote based upon what Trump does about the tastes.

CONLEY: Cigarette smokers for several years have actually been informed, you’re bad individuals. You need to repent of yourself. Vapers – they’re not embarrassed to have actually stopped cigarette smoking. That’s why they are such a powerful political force.

KENNEDY: Meg Fletcher (ph), who drove in from Baltimore, states changing from cigarettes to vaping a year earlier was the very best choice she ever made. And she’s dissatisfied by possible limitations on vaping, even from a president she appreciates.

MEG FLETCHER: I actually like Trump. I actually do. However if they were to do this and take our rights away, I may not elect him.

KENNEDY: She’s not alone. A current survey moneyed by a vaping trade group discovered that 8 out of 10 vapers in battlefield states state they’re most likely to elect or versus a prospect based exclusively on what they prepare to do about vaping.

Merrit Kennedy, NPR News, Washington.

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