The Veritas telescope array, designed to spot evidence of gamma rays, now also will feed data to the Breakthrough Listen project to detect alien chatter.

The Veritas telescope array, designed to identify proof of gamma rays, now additionally will feed information to the Breakthrough Pay attention undertaking to detect alien chatter.


Breakthrough Pay attention, an effort to listen to indicators from distant aliens, has a brand new set of ears. A quartet of linked telescopes in Arizona known as Veritas will test for fleeting flashes of sunshine that would point out a distant civilization, the two organizations stated Wednesday.

Veritas, quick for Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System, is designed to identify super-short blue-light flashes known as Cherenkov radiation that point out a really high-energy gamma ray has struck Earth’s environment. For scientists, that is a great way to review high-energy astronomical occasions like supernovas, pulsars and black holes.

However as a result of it might spot gentle indicators lasting solely billionths of a second, Veritas additionally might be good for seeing any pulses of sunshine aliens residing light-years away are sending our method, deliberately or not. 

“With regards to clever life past Earth, we do not know the place it exists or the way it communicates. So our philosophy is to look in as many locations, and in as some ways, as we are able to,” stated Yuri Milner, the rich tech investor who based the Breakthrough Initiatives, in an announcement. Breakthrough Pay attention seeks to survey the million stars nearest our personal within the Milky Means and already scans some radio and optical frequencies.

A associated undertaking, Breakthrough Starshot, seeks to make use of a massively highly effective laser array to blast tiny spacecraft to close by stars the place they will take images and collect different information to beam again to earth by laser.

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