Video revealing a Tesla Design S driving at speed on a roadway without any one in the chauffeur’s seat distributed on social networks Tuesday night

The high-end electrical vehicle seemed running on Auto-pilot, Tesla’s semi-autonomous-driving innovation that permits its automobiles geared up with the function to guide, speed up, brake, and alter lanes with chauffeur guidance.

At one point in the video, the electronic camera pans towards the windscreen to reveal the vehicle is taking a trip at speed down a two-lane roadway. The digital instrument cluster can be seen with “115” showed, however it was not instantly clear whether that number represented miles-per-hour, or kilometers-per-hour.

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A drink holder including a bottled beverage is connected to the vehicle’s guiding wheel.

The electronic camera then turns away from the Design S’s empty chauffeur’s seat to expose an individual resting on the rear seats.

Videos revealing Tesla motorists asleep or otherwise preoccupied behind the guiding wheel are relatively typical, even as the carmaker urges its consumers to stay in control of their automobiles while running them on Auto-pilot.

The system needs motorists to keep their hands on the guiding wheel. It triggers a series of cautions if it identifies no steering feedback from the chauffeur. If the chauffeur does not react, the system deactivates itself, slows the automobile to a stop, and switches on the danger lights.

Tesla did not instantly react to Company Expert’s ask for remark about the video on Tuesday night.