The Deepstaria jellyfish alters its shape a lot it resembles seeing an undersea lava light.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET.

The ocean has lots of strange animals, and the Deepstaria jellyfish is certainly among them. Here’s a video EVNautilus published Wednesday of a Deepstaria shape-shifting as a little shellfish consumes the jellyfish’s body from the within. No, actually.

The jellyfish and its shellfish buddy were identified more than 2,500 feet (762 meters) listed below the main Pacific Ocean by the Ocean Expedition Trust by means of an expedition objective aboard the vessel Nautilus

The video reveals the lovely, clear Deepstaria jellyfish altering its body shape while drifting in the sea currents near Baker Island at the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monolith Since it does not have stinging arms like other jellyfish, the Deepstaria can close the opening of its bag-like bell, trapping victim that drifts within.

This specific Deepstaria jellyfish was observed with a traveler inside its body– an intense red shellfish. The little red isopod is in fact a relative of the pillbug

” The complete degree of this association is unidentified, however it is most likely that this little shellfish takes in pieces of jelly while staying concealed from predators” inside the Deepstaria, according to the video description.

While this video was produced for clinical research studies total with voice commentary from ecstatic marine biologists, it’s still enjoyable to enjoy the uncommon jellyfish take the type of a Pac-Man ghost, then a rippled silk sheet, and after that a drifting plastic bag.