Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa 2 will attempt to bring a little Ryugu back to Earth.


Let’s fire a bullet at an asteroid. This may seem like a plot point from a sci-fi program, however it will end up being truth when Japan’s area firm JAXA directs its Hayabusa 2 spacecraft to go get a sample of an asteroid.

Hayabusa 2 reached the asteroid Ryugu in mid-2018 and has actually currently provided 2 rovers and a lander to the surface area. However touching down on the rock with its sampler horn is a delicate operation.

JAXA postponed the goal from last fall after finding Ryugu’s surface area was much rockier than anticipated. The brand-new sample collection time is set for Friday, Feb. 22 at 8 a.m. Japan time, which exercises to Thursday, Feb. 21 at 3 p.m. Pacific in the United States.

JAXA will transmit live online from its control space with an English translation readily available.

The spacecraft’s round sampler horn is created to touch the asteroid’s surface area, fire a bullet into the rock and after that gather the pieces ejected by the effect.

The Hayabusa 2 group carried out an experiment in the world to see if the sampler is most likely to deal with Ryugu’s gravelly surface area. The test included shooting a projectile into a simulated surface area made to imitate the asteroid. According to the outcomes, the spacecraft’s system must work simply great.

The goal is still a bold operation. The spacecraft will need to prevent stones, however still get close enough to reach the surface area. If all works out, Hayabusa 2 will go back to Earth in late 2020 with a little asteroid on board for researchers to study.