Making robotics swear for enjoyable (and science) is far from a novelty on the web. However this brand-new video of a reprogrammed cleansing robotic Roomba will still tickle your amusing bone.

This brand-new gag originates from YouTuber Michael Reeves, who’s formerly developed a robotic that shoots energy beverages when you’re tired and another one that selects tomatoes out of your salad for some factor In his newest video, he customized a Roomba to swear whenever it run into something.

In the video (which consists of quite heavy swearing), Reeves demonstrates how he pimped up the Roomba with a Raspberry Pi, so it can discover accidents and play a noise through a Bluetooth speaker whenever this takes place. He likewise tape-recorded swears from some popular YouTubers like iDubbz and maxmoefoePokemon to spice things up.

Sadly, he needed to eliminate parts of the robotic that really cleaned up the flooring. So, now Reeves has a Roomba that swears like an intoxicated pirate, however does not do any cleansing. Not actually practical.

If you’re not thinking about understanding the technical information of how a regular Roomba ended up being a mad swearing robotic, simply begin with here to view the gadget drop obscenity. Would you desire one on your own? Let us understand down in the remarks.

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Released May 6, 2019– 10: 14 UTC.