VSS Unity takes a trip in suborbital area.

Virgin Galactic.

It’s a romance that goes beyond gravity. The effective test flight of Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity SpaceShipTwo to suborbital area on Thursday was followed up by a heart-warming, on-the-ground proposition

Flight test engineer Brandon Parrish asked his sweetheart Veronica McGowan, a structural engineer, to wed him. He utilized an engagement ring that had actually simply flown on the VSS Unity, which suggests the ring made some honorary astronaut wings for its journey.

Both Parrish and McGowan work for The Spaceship Business, the Virgin Galactic sis business that produced SpaceShipTwo.

Virgin Galactic creator Richard Branson shared the sweet minute on social networks, stating, “What much better method to propose than with a ring that had simply flown to area?”

Parrish dropped this poetic line throughout the proposition: “You are more lovely inside and out than a whole universe loaded with stars.” Branson handed the space-flown ring to Parrish. Obviously, McGowan stated “Yes.”

VSS Unity attained a significant advance for the young industrial area tourist market when its 2 pilots topped the 50- mile (80- kilometer) above Earth mark throughout its flight.

Possibly Parrish and McGowan ought to think about an off-this-world honeymoon location when Virgin Galactic lastly continues with transporting travelers to suborbital area.