I know next to nothing about Wiz Khalifa, but what I really didn’t know was how much I needed this music video for ‘Speed me up,’ a music video made for with the imminent Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

In it, Khalifa, Ty Dolla Sign, Sueco the Child, and Lil Yachty team up for a surprisingly chill groove full of enough Genesis references to put a smile on this Sonic fan’s face. There’s an opening groove to the beat of Metropolis Zone, a plethora of ring jingles, jaunts through Sonic’s Special Stages, and plenty of 16-bit pixel art to go around.

It’s pretty darn catchy too.

It’s no “Live and Learn” or “Escape from City” – there better be some Crush 40 in that movie, I swear – but it’ a welcome surprise altogether.

I’m going into the Sonic movie with no expectations. But who knows. Maybe, just maybe, the movie will be kind of good. Maybe.