In 2012, one day after the launch of Apple Maps, CEO Tim Cook published an open letter on the business’s site.

“We are very sorry for the disappointment this has actually triggered,” Cook stated of Apple’s messed up cartography app.

However further down in the letter was something that would alter the fate of a little Israeli start-up referred to as Waze permanently: tips for much better map apps.

“While we’re enhancing Maps,” stated Cook, “you can attempt options by downloading map apps from the App Shop like Bing, MapQuest and Waze

That day is now well known every year at Waze, CEO Noam Bardin stated in a current interview with Service Expert.

“That was our coming out minute,” Bardin stated. “From there, things began to get speed, ultimately ending in the acquisition in 2013.” That acquisition, naturally, is describing Google’s purchase of Waze for a reported price of $1 billion, a big quantity of cash, particularly at that time.

“It’s a day that’s still commemorated today at the business every year,” Bardin stated. “It’s called Tim Cook day.”

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