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Dr. Dorothy Z. Oehler is a planetary geologist and Precambrian paleontologist. She has an interest in utilizing martian geomorphology to much better comprehend the history of the world and determine areas where build-ups of natural products consisting of methane might happen. To this goal, she is using ideas of facies forecast to focus on habitable websites on Mars that might protect residues of an early biosphere. She is in addition utilizing ideas of subsurface natural maturation (from her experience in petroleum expedition) to find locations on Mars of prospective methane generation, build-up, and release to the environment.

Dr. Oehler is likewise thinking about looking for methods to determine biosignatures of prospective extraterrestrial life. This consists of developing brand-new requirements for determining authentic biosignatures of fragmentary remains of primitive life kinds. In this regard, she has actually studied a few of the earliest natural microfossils in the world, utilizing both Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) to identify their carbon isotopic structure (to examine their origin and significance to development of life on our world) and Nano-scale SIMS (NanoSIMS) to chemically map, at the sub-micron scale, a few of Earth’s earliest life kinds. Arise from these research studies offer insights into the most primitive lifeforms in the world and, as such, might apply to acknowledging badly maintained residues of primitive life that may be experienced in planetary expedition. Read her newest publication “” No detection of methane on Mars from early ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter observations”” -4

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