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Today we are signed up with by our buddy Mike Simmons, President of Astronomers Without Borders. Mike will be bringing us as much as date with all of the interesting, brand-new jobs that AWB is dealing with.

You can check out Mike’s complete bio by going to: job= view

You can discover more about Astronomers Without Borders by going to

We are likewise pleased to invite another long time buddy, Nancy Atkinson, back to the program. Nancy’s 2nd book, 8 Years to the Moon: The History of the Apollo Missions, is set up to be launched on July 2, 2019, and is offered for pre-order on Amazon: X/ref= tmm_hrd_swatch_0? _ encoding= UTF8 & qid= & sr=.

Nancy’s very first book, Amazing Stories From Area: A Behind-the-Scenes Take A Look At the Missions Altering Our View of the Universe, informs the stories of 37 researchers and engineers that deal with a number of existing NASA robotic objectives to check out the planetary system and beyond.

Nancy has actually been with Universe Today because2004 She has actually likewise been the editorial director for Area Way of life Publication and has actually had actually posts released on,, NASA’s Astrobiology Publication, Area Times publication, in addition to a number of papers in the Midwest. She has actually been included with a number of space-related podcasts, consisting of Astronomy Cast, 365 Days of Astronomy and was the host of the NASA Lunar Science Institute podcast. Nancy is likewise a NASA/JPL Planetary system Ambassador.

You can check out Nancy’s complete bio here:

Likewise make certain to take a look at Nancy’s blog site at

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