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Today, we are signed up with by Dr. Bruce Betts, Chief Researcher and LightSail Program Supervisor for The Planetary Society. Prior to dealing with the LightSail program, Dr. Betts handled a variety of flight instrument tasks at the Planetary Society, consisting of silica glass DVDs on the Mars Expedition Rovers and Phoenix lander, the LIFE biology experiment that flew on the Russian Phobos sample return objective, and he led a NASA grant studying microrovers helping human expedition. Dr. Betts brand-new kids’s book, “” Astronomy for Children: How to Observe Deep Space with a Telescope, Field Glasses, or Simply Your Eyes!”” is now readily available in time for vacation present providing.

Prior to signing up with the Planetary Society, Dr. Betts, a planetary researcher, studied planetary surface areas, consisting of Mars, the Moon, and Jupiter’s moons, utilizing infrared and other information, throughout his time at San Juan Institute/Planetary Science Institute. In Addition, Dr. Betts invested 3 years at NASA head office handling planetary instrument advancement programs to develop spacecraft science instruments.

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