Among the highest-valued personal business in biotech is lastly going public, and when it does, there are a variety of financiers and people who stand to benefit.

Moderna Therapies, a business establishing treatments based upon messenger RNA, has actually acquired a personal evaluation of $7.5 billion. In early November, it submitted with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to go public.

In a filing launched on November 28, Moderna revealed brand-new information about its strategies. The business stated it prepares to offer 25 million shares for as much as $24 each, raising $600 million. Those figures might still modifications prior to the business goes public.

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The filing likewise consists of brand-new info about just how much stock magnates and financiers in Moderna own.

Here are the most significant prospective winners from that IPO, based upon that brand-new info:

  • Noubar B. Afeyan, 56, is Moderna’s chairman. He manages 19.5% or 58.9 countless Moderna’s shares. Afeyan is the creator and CEO of Flagship Pioneering, the endeavor company that established Moderna. Afeyan owns 42,201 shares straight, and the rest are owned by Flagship-related funds.
  • Stéphane Bancel, 46, is Moderna’s ceo. He manages 10% or 30.9 countless the business’s shares ahead of Moderna’s strategy to go public. Like Afeyan, Bancel does not hold that whole stake straight. Bancel’s direct ownership is 6.7 million shares.
  • AstraZeneca is a huge pharmaceutical business that bought Moderna in 2016 Prior to the IPO, AstraZeneca manages 8.4% of Moderna’s shares, or approximately 25.5 million.
  • Timothy Springer, a teacher at Harvard Medical School and a founding financier in Moderna, manages 5.7% or 17.3 countless Moderna’s shares.
  • Viking Global Investors, a hedge fund that at first bought Moderna in 2015 manages 5.5% or 16.6 million shares.
  • Bob Langer, 70, a teacher at the Masssachusetts Institute of Innovation, manages 3.9% or 11.7 countless the business’s shares. He belongs to the business’s board and among its scholastic co-founders.
  • Stephen Hoge,42, is Moderna’s president. Hoge signed up with Moderna in 2013 and ended up being president in2015 He manages 1.3% or approximately 4 countless the business’s shares.