It’s hard to fathom that we’re in the year 2020. There’s something about those four numbers together that just sounds so futuristic. By now you’ve probably seen a lot of predictions for the wonderful things that will happen this year, not to mention that 2020 marks the 15th birthday of our flagship event.

TNW2020, our tech festival in Amsterdam, brings people together from across the globe to discuss the emerging technologies shaping our future. Whether you’re a developer, marketer, artist, or entrepreneur, there’s plenty of interesting discussions that you’ll want to join in on.

We’ve just launched our 12 major tracks for this year, including some old favorites as well as some brand new additions for 2020.

Here are a few we’re particularly excited about:


This year is all about how tech can have a lasting positive influence on our personal and professional lives, our industries, and our society as a whole. Some of the biggest names in tech will explore the innovations and ideas that will help us tackle the most important challenges ahead.

Sustainable Societies

Greener and smarter tech must be adopted to reverse the damage we’ve done to our planet. Together with the FT, Sustainable Societies provides much-needed clarity on how tech can help achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals, and the role businesses can play in a climate-resilient world.


The data economy has become the most valuable sector in the world. AI has already improved our health, the way we shop, and our personal devices. But while enthusiasm is high for companies, end users are rightfully concerned about algorithmic bias, data privacy, automation, and job security. We’ll be addressing these issues and more at Neural.

Growth Quarters

One of our most popular tracks is back to bring you all the first-hand tips you need for sustainable business growth. Whether your company is a scaleup, at seed round, or just a seed of an idea, Growth Quarters welcomes the experts to share their successes, failures, and lessons learned along the way.

We’ll be exploring all of this and much more across our 12 tracks, including marketing and branding, corporate innovation, product design, the future of work, and mobility.

Check out the full list of tracks coming to this year’s event and start filling up your schedule with what matters to you the most.

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