Arriving of Mount Everest— the acme in the world at 29,028 feet– is an accomplishment just about 5,000 individuals have actually achieved. The trek to the top takes months of physical preparation and weeks of acclimatization to get climbers utilized to the mountain’s oxygen-starved elevations.

Last month, disaster struck on the peak. A minimum of 11 individuals passed away, 10 of whom were on their method below the top. Some exploration business and authorities blamed lines near the top, which triggered climbers to invest more time in the mountain’s “death zone”: elevations above 26,000 feet, where the body can not get enough oxygen However other knowledgeable climbers stated many issues develop when climbers do not leave themselves enough energy to return down the mountain.

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“There appears to be a catastrophe mystique around Everest that appears to just serve to increase the attraction of the location,” filmmaker and director Jennifer Peedom, who has actually climbed up Everest 4 times, formerly informed Organisation Expert

Here’s what it resembles to climb up the world’s greatest peak, according to 10 individuals who have actually experienced Everest.