President Donald Trump discussed a treatment typically called a late-term abortion on Tuesday throughout a speech.

” Now the child is born and you cover the child carefully and you talk with the mom and depending upon what the mom states, you carry out the child,”

The Washington Post noted this description is graphic and incorrect.

The Center for Illness Control and Avoidance states that less than 1.3 percent of abortions take place after 21 weeks.

However legislators in Georgia and New York City, to name a few states, have actually brought the timeline to get an abortion to the leading edge once again. In Georgia, State Rep. Ed Setzler has actually sponsored a costs that would prohibit most abortions when a fetal heart beat is identified. And New york city just recently passed the Reproductive Health Act, which allows abortions later on in pregnancy if a female’s life remains in threat

In 2016, Jezebel spoke with a female who got the treatment. She had an abortion at 32 weeks, and she was informed that her child was “incompatible with life.”

To be clear, if the medical professionals believed there was any method he may make it, I would have taken that possibility. I really would have put myself through anything. What I pertained to accept was the truth that I would never ever get to be this little man’s mom– that if we pertained to term, he would likely live an extremely brief time up until he choked and passed away, if he even made it that far. This was a no-go for me. I could not put him through that suffering when we had the choice to lessen his discomfort as much as possible.

She stated that a person part of the treatment alone cost $10,000

What are these treatments in fact like? And how is the political rhetoric around them altering gain access to for individuals who require them?

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