Picture: KidStock (Getty Images)

My 5-year-old child’s preferred tunes at the minute consist of Weezer’s “Browse Wax America,” Sanctuary’ “Wonderwall” and Matisyahu’s “One Day.” What my spouse and I understood early on is that while kid music has actually progressed beyond alert Barney choruses– and a few of it is genuinely fantastic— we didn’t have to modify our playlists excessive for her little ears. She’ll gladly jam to whatever is piping through the speakers.

For an approaching episode of The Upgrade, we would like to know: What non-kid tunes do you pay attention to with your kids? Does your young child belt out the lyrics to “Iron Male” by Black Sabbath? Is your mini Queen fan playing “Bohemian Rhapsody” on repeat? Have you, too, saw the video for OKAY Go’s “This Too Shall Pass” 87 times? Let us understand by either commenting here, sending out a voice memo to upgrade@lifehacker.com, or calling (347) 687-8109 with your reaction. We’re trying to find particular tunes— not artists or categories– so we can develop a playlist of our favorites. Inform us, what tracks are your kids into?