The studio Lionsgate is preparing a prequel to its popular “Appetite Games” film franchise, based upon an approaching 2020 unique by series author Suzanne Collins.

“As the happy house of the Appetite Games films, we can barely wait on Suzanne’s next book to be released,” Lionsgate stated in a declaration on Monday. “We have actually been interacting with her throughout the composing procedure and we anticipate continuing to work carefully with her on the film.”

However the prequel is not ensured to be a hit like its predecessors.

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The 4 “Appetite Games” films– launched in back-to-back years from 2012 to 2015, and starring Jennifer Lawrence– were significant hits, generating a combined $3 billion around the world. The most costly film to construct out of the 4 was “The Appetite Games: Mockingjay– Part 2,” with a production spending plan of $160 million. The very first film had a modest spending plan of $78 million compared to its $694 million international gross.

However a lot has actually altered because the last film in the franchise, “Mockingjay– Part 2,” in2015 As this summer season of poor follows up has actually shown, it’s ending up being significantly tough for any non-Disney tentpole movie to break out in a significant method. Motion pictures like ” Dark Phoenix” and ” Guy in Black: International” have actually currently tumbled drastically compared to their predecessors.

On The Other Hand, Disney films control every year, and 3 sit at the top of package workplace this year both locally and worldwide. The business’s Marvel Cinematic Universe has specifically fine-tuned its technique with audiences in the 4 years because the “Appetite Games” was last in theaters.

” The Appetite Games:
Murray Close/Lionsgate

The “Appetite Games” films have not developed that type of goodwill with audiences. And while the films achieved success, they reduced at package workplace with each installation after the 2nd, “Igniting.” “Mockingjay– Part 2” still made $653 million around the world, so it’s apparent why Lionsgate would wish to make another film– however will audiences appear for it?

The very best contrast may be to the “Harry Potter” franchise, which has actually generated the less effective “Great Beats” prequel series. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows– Part 2” made $1.3 billion around the world. “Great Monsters and Where to Discover Them” made over $800 million, however its follow up, “The Criminal offenses of Grindelwald,” made $653 million, 75% of which originated from global audiences.

Those aren’t bad numbers, however it reveals that audiences may not be bought a prequel if it wanders off too far from the initial product, and the “Appetite Games” is currently not as popular as “Harry Potter.” In this case, the prequel, which will be set years in the past, would not include the franchise’s super star, Lawrence.

Usually, global ticket office might offset a doing not have domestic ticket office, however the “Appetite Games” films were constantly practically as popular in the United States as they were worldwide. The greatest earning film in the franchise for example, “Igniting,” made 49% of its ticket office in the United States, so global audiences might not be as trusted to offer the prequel an increase if it carries out underwhelmingly locally.